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Oh hey guys, it’s me, Mike Abiuso. You may know me from some bad bands I was in like Kiss Kiss, The Gay Blades or The Venetia Fair. My body ended up getting too old to take the heat, so now I just make records all day here at SwitchBitch Studios in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I take myself very seriously. You should take me very seriously too if you would like to. I know SwitchBitch is a bad name, but it’s taken from a Roald Dahl book because the name Kiss Kiss was a Roald Dahl book too and I thought it would be cool to keep the aesthetics rolling. I was wrong.

I’ve worked with all kinds of artists from musicians, bands to actors, and comedians. Some notable works of his include writing and recording Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam and Macklemore‘s “Downtown“), producing, recording, mixing and mastering an EP with Nathan Lithgow (Feat: Liz Ryan of Big Data). Producing and edited the Deluxe Edition Commentary for Jim Gaffigan‘s latest Comedy Album. Engineering a session with producer, Patrick Adams (produced 32 gold & platinum records), producing, mixing, mastering a single with GRAMMY Award Winning singer/actress, Jennifer Holliday, and much more!

Give me a call via email and we’ll hang out and make some good times happen: Mike@SwitchBitchRecords.com

See ya

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