The Mayor


The Mayor is a HEAVY band that is comprised of a few different members. They are Mike Tyson Abiuso(Baritone guitar/Vocals), James Bond Ryan(Guitar), Joe The Ho Brown(Bass), and Kevin Bacon Otto(drums). Formed by Tyson, Bond, and Bacon, in the late 2000’s “The Mayor” has been on a mission to return to their roots of loud, heavy, fast, thrashy, metal/hardcore. The formation of the band came as an epiphany in the late hours of a summer night in Tysons basement. Almost simultaneously the same thought poured out of their hazy alcohol ridden brains, “Why not just play some fucking heavy shit and not give a fuck what anyone thinks?!” In seconds they strapped on their Axes and started shredding what would in minutes become their debut song, “Last Sunrise”. Bond was said to be in a tribal like trance as his fingertips smoked and melted along his SG fret board. Tyson and Bacon followed Bonds lead and were soon accompanying the mad man with a surprising amount of ease. This is when “The Mayor” was truly born. They cranked out that tune in minutes. The rest is history.

Since that night the mayor continued to write, record, and evolve. (Some say they were communicating directly with Yani Himself via Morse Code when writing) Tyson soon ditched the standard Les Paul for the much more heavy and low end tone of the baritone guitar. This amped the band to play even heavier. Bond became the “Tech” genius of the group making sure that all the equipment was not only strong, but VERY strong. Bacon cringed through the pain of his newly formed blisters after playing drums like a pussy for too many years. Tyson’s brutal but surprisingly delicate Walrus style mustache wooed the metal gods to create back breaking chord progressions that would power through the heaviest of heavy sections of the songs.

After banging out a few more songs “The Mayor” hit the studio with none other than Mike Tyson Abiuso at his very own SwitchBitch Studios in Jersey Ciry. A couple of drunken nights were spent there as they banged out their debut album, “There Will Be No Miracles Here”. Soon after Joe The Ho took a break from fondling his keyboard and was added to the group to make the heavy low end of “The Mayor” even heavier with his superlative Bass shredding skills. With a welcoming wink and a friendly elbow nudge, Bond was once heard saying, “Yea, that Joe The Ho sure moves my jog wheel if you know what I’m saying”.

When all is said and done, “The Mayor” is really nothing more than a couple of aging Yani fans shredding metal in the basement. Remember folks, live day to day strong, to VERY STRONG.

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