The Gay Blades (Affiliate)

The Gay Blades are a two piece from New York City who play an acerbic brand of Trash Pop. What is Trash Pop, you ask? Trash pop is what happens when two keenly observant wannabe hipsters write and record songs the same pair couldn’t possibly pull off live, and make up for their missing bass player with consistently explosive performances and a heaping spoonful of swagger. Clark Westfield plays the guitar and Puppy Mills plays the drums. They met while volunteering in a traveling sideshow, Clark juggling and Puppy taking tickets. Afterwards, back in NYC, the duo formed The Gay Blades.

With their debut record Ghosts, out on the band’s imprint 4Never Records through Triple Crown, The Gay Blades take their T. Rex/Bill Murray inspired live show and add more texture and color with the inclusion of keys, synths, strings, harmony and even bass (despite their mantra of “BUCK FASS”.) Ten eccentric and trashy pop songs scream for your attention – each one filled with curious wordplay and tireless metaphor. In “Dog Day Afternoon”, our hero, Clark Westfield takes hostages after a bank robbery goes awry in an attempt to win our affection. In “Why Can’t I Grow A Beard?” he takes cues from his idol, Brian Wilson, locking himself inside for years, becoming the recluse he knows he never could be. In “Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up” we learn that robots have feelings too. “O Shot”, the record’s stand out track and first single, is all about drummer Puppy Mills’ glamorous and propulsive drums, which result in sound that‘s more Marc Bolan than Jack White, more Stooges than Eagles of Death Metal, more JSBX than Electric Six.
Ghosts, will be in stores on the Gay Blades’ imprint 4Never Records courtesy of Triple Crown!

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