These are used primarily for SwitchBitch artists. We are open to assisting outside artists.

Questions and inquiries can be sent to:

In house:
-Publicity – Behind the Curtains Media
-Merch – Providence Screen Printing & Drew Pogue/Paradox Apparel
-Graphic Design – Mr. Chark King
-Web Design – Kirsten Krupps & Hanna Yando
-Producer, Engineer – Mike Abiuso
-Session Musicians – Mike/Chark/Chris/Joe/Benny
-Booking Agent – Joe Occhiuti / TJ Olsen (TJO Presents) / Joe Wizard (Mr. Wizard Ent.)
-Consultant / Finance – Benny Santoro
-Building (Drums, Cabs etc) – Chris Constantino / Mr. Chark King @ Black Market Custom / SJC
-Publishing / Management – Jake Weinreb
-Media Director – Kristen Jennings
-Media Marketing – Adam Stasko
-Online Marketing – Emily Morris / Hanna Yando
-Stylist / Design / Art / Merch – Ami Smith
-A little bit of everything and more – Mike Abiuso

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