Olde Sake

Olde Sake press shot

Olde Sake is the performing moniker of Musician/Producer James Ryan.

While performing with bands like We Are Not Bears, Space Ghost Cowboys, Porches, and The Mayor, James realized his own love for all types of music, and the dynamics available in some but not in others.

It was in this thought that led him to begin forging the genre-bending material that embodies Olde Sake. In parking lots, dorm rooms, basements, and bedrooms, James wrote the skeleton for what would become Olde Sake’s debut album, “The Ocean And Your Eyes Wide Open”. This album was, in his own words, “Loved Pushed Aside, Resumed, Abandoned, and finally brought to Life, and not without the help of my friends.” Olde Sake’s live show is half band, half dj/loop-based-song-pyramid-construction and totally killer.

Be on the look out for new releases that are planned for Summer 2014!

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