Old Best Friend (Affiliate)

Old Best Friend (affiliate) press shot

Old Best Friend : Mike Comite is your Old Best Friend. You used to do everything together. Nintendo, action figures, bikerides in the summer. Everything. At some point you lost contact. Probably when you were 13 and started taking your Razor Scooter career a lot more seriously, right around when Comite started writing his own music.

Ten years later, you caught him playing open mic nights in and around your hometown, trying out the songs he’d been working on in the interim. Around the same time, you saw him on the frontpage of YouTube, supporting singer-songwriter Julia Nunes at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival for the second year in a row. And not long after that, you were flipping through TV channels late one night and saw him supporting Nunes again, this time on Conan, standing behind a rainbow glockenspiel.

On his own, Comite writes music that’s a little bit of a lot of things, layering melodic storytelling over a foundation of guitar-driven rock songs. Thoughts of Pedro the Lion, The Weakerthans, and Death Cab for Cutie come to mind, an updated take on on the singer-songwriters of the early 2000s.

His self-released his debut, Keep In Touch (2012), is an EP of story-songs about friends and car accidents and that person you’ve been trying real hard not to think about lately. And if it’s any indication of what’s to come, you and everyone else are in for something good.

He’s 25 now, and he lives in Brooklyn. Rekindle the friendship.


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