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“It’s time for a revival,” is a common sentiment in modern music, but Kiss Kiss’s Josh Benash, doesn’t say it, he embodies it. With their explosive new album, “The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left,” Kiss Kiss don’t just revive music, they build a cathedral to it out of a gypsy circus tent. In the space of eleven tracks, the caberet catches fire, the orchestra aches and Josh Benash’s voice breaks it’s way through a truly groundbreaking masterpiece.
The word is getting out. Death and Taxes write, “In an eastern-European-flavored whirlwind of circus music gone rock, Kiss Kiss have dished out a very creative album that somehow manages to mold infectious pop out of avant-garde insanity. Go see them live and you’ll understand.” Through the ferocious dissonance of “Machines” the band channels Nirvana for sheer power and originality while “Satellite,” with it’s sweeping chorus and Beach Boys verses, proves that Kiss Kiss aren’t just obscure fair for the art school crowd.

“I got a job at the Knitting Factory as an intern, and it was there I Discovered musicians like John Zorn, Glen Branca, Mike Patton, Sun Ra,” explains Benash, “But I think that initial love of a good pop song never left me, and I began to try and incorporate the strangeness I loved in Avant Garde, with the Great melodies I love in Pop.” Alternative Press concludes that the band make “Epic and experimental pop… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.”

The band have been touring the country tirelessly in support of bands like Mono, Black Dice, Ramona Cordova and the Ataris and have built a dizzying reputation as a live band. They will be continuing to support the full-length through 2008, bringing their unique mix of gypsy melodies akin to Beirut, Gogol Bordello and DeVotchka to every city in the country.

Reality Vs. The Optimist is in stores now through Eyeball Records, the Independent NJ label responsible for the similarly genre-breaking bands, Murder By Death and The Number Twelve Looks Like You as well as giants My Chemical Romance.

“The mainstream has a knack for sucking the Honesty out of a genre, and it takes a new leaf to bring that back.“ Josh Benash, Kiss Kiss

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